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A Change of Needs
Clever, Provocative  …and salaciously RAUNCH.
If Love inspires, Obsession corrupts...

A Change of Needs  by Nate Allen... now available on Amazon.comKindle  and available first of 2013 through Barnes & Noble and more...  Ask for it at your local bookstores!!!

If love is a drug...then affairs are its "crack." Jake Arnett met the woman of his dreams ...but she belonged to someone else. "A Change of Needs" is a unique, atypical, often uncomfortable modern-day love story about what happens when one ordinary man accepts the invitation to cross that imaginary boundary each of us draws around our life that defines us, only to find he's not the only guest at the party.  Once emotions get involved and sex is no longer "casual," the lines between right and wrong, love and obsession become frighteningly indistinguishable.  It's true what they say, "the heart has its reasons the mind knows nothing of…"

Set in Raleigh and the Triangle area of North Carolina, Allen has written an entertaining, sometimes humorous, and surprisingly profound contemporary story about sex, love, friendship, betrayal, and moving forward. With a distinct and endearing style he relates some of the most common experiences of love and life in a most uncommon way. Raw, but refreshingly different and not formulaic. By no means your garden-variety romance novel. Men and women alike will enjoy this fictional cautionary tale about how "sometimes getting what you want ain't a good thing"...There is no fidelity among the unfaithful. Affairs are messy...they never end well.

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